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Evelyn Salt (Jolie) is an operative for the C.I.A. When we meet here she is being interrogated by the North Korean Army, who think she’s a spy. The bad guys are tough but Salt is tougher. Eventually she finds herself being traded back to the USA in exchange for one of theirs. “I thought we don’t jeopardize a mission for one person,” she asks her superior (Schreiber). “We don’t” is his reply. Two years later we find Agent Salt making plans for her anniversary dinner. As she prepares to leave she is asked to help interrogate a man who claims to be a Russian agent (Daniel Olbryschki) with a secret. He tells Salt that soon the Russian President will be assassinated by a sleeper spy in America. She hardly pays attention until he tells her something else: SHE is the spy.

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  1. Watch Salt Movie
    Watch Salt Movie says:

    Salt is the latest movie of the action thriller director Phillip Noyce and there has been a hype going on about the movie especially after Tom Cruise was replaced by Angelina Jolie as the lead character. The film is a very strong action thriller with a lot of mystery going on. The action scenes are one of a kind and the fights are so realistic that both Jolie and Noyce should be celebrated in their artistic talent and hard work. Considering Noyce’s old movies like The Bone Collector (he had worked with Jolie in this one, as well), Clear and Present Danger, Patriot Games; it is not hard to realize that Salt is a good thriller and action.


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